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Lifestyle of Memory Keeping

By October 15, 2021No Comments

Life is short and time is fast. Memories are an inseparable part of us, but they are fleeting. Even the most memorable moments of our life fade away over time. Memories not preserved are lost forever. 

If you know how to create a lifestyle of memory keeping, you can preserve your most precious moments with photo albums, prints, and journals: your memories will last a lifetime.

But the question might linger?

How do I create a lifestyle of memory keeping?

There are many tools at your fingertips, and most of them are pretty simple once you create a process.


How many of us store our photos on the cloud or our phones? How many of us keep our memories on Instagram or Facebook – in the hands of someone else to keep them alive and reachable. What if these sites crash (as we experienced not too long ago). Printing your memories is a big step in creating a lifestyle of memory-keeping. 

Yes, we all need a digital way to store our memories, but take ownership of your memories and purchase your own Digital Photo Hub. I recommend this orange beauty

Printing your photos doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Use the last day of the month to print your monthly photos. If you don’t have a Honey Bee Print account, sign up now! We often send out print deals and flash sales to help you get your photos out of your phone and displayed in your home for a reasonable price. 

Photo Albums

Use photo albums for special occasions – this is separate from your monthly photo prints. Photo albums are a great way to display your family vacations, a new birth, graduation, or holidays. These photo albums are perfect for your coffee table, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or to send to friends & family who live far away. 


Journaling is the easiest memory-keeping technique that is often forgotten. Most people are afraid they aren’t “good enough” writers to keep a journal of their memories. Journaling can not only bring more detail and life to your photos, but it is also the easiest way to keep track of your day-to-day memories and experiences. Using journals for specific areas of your life, such as meditation journals, bullet journals, dream journals, reading journals, gratitude journals, or (my favorite) memory-keeping journals, are all beautiful ways to document your memories.

Memory keeping is about documenting a moment in time that could otherwise be forgotten. The memories you choose to keep are entirely up to you, and yes, it can be an entire journal about food and still be considered “memory keeping.” 

Make sure your memories are never lost or forgotten, and create a lifestyle of memory-keeping now!