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The Act of a Handwritten Letters

By November 23, 2021No Comments
This year, I was fortunate to teach Creating a Lifestyle of Memory Keeping at the Pinners Conference in Salt Lake City and Scottsdale. I love sharing memory-keeping tips with others who are also passionate about preserving life’s sweetest moments. As part of my class, I shared this photo of my grandma Lucy.
I didn’t know my other grandparents, but I am fortunate to have detailed memories of Lucy because of the memory keeping she did so long ago. The handwritten letter (on the right) is from her – I was 11-years-old when she wrote this to me. Lucy often sent handwritten notes and cards to her family – a definite memory-keeping treasure that I believe we have lost over time.
As you can imagine, this letter is one of the most valuable things I own.
My grandmother created a legacy by writing letters to all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I am so grateful for her example as a pioneer in memory keeping.
At Pinners Conference, I asked each class attendee to write a message to someone they know who may need to hear the same words my grandmother wrote to me. The attention and love that goes into a handwritten note are invaluable, and I encouraged each attendee to send their postcard once they got home. I received several messages about how successful and effective this project was for them.

I also shared our NEW – Memory Keeping Journal with each class attendee. It is full of quick & easy ways to memory keep and includes Grandma Lucys’ postcard for you to send out to a loved one as well.
Let’s bring back the priceless act of writing a note to those we love!