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Taking Pictures With Intent

By August 9, 2021No Comments

If you want your pictures to tell a story, then you have to give them better attention.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to document what matters most! The first step to taking meaningful pictures is to ask yourself why you’re taking the photo and how you will use them.

Identifying your “why” – I take pictures of what I eat to document my progress to eating healthier. I take pictures of my children to document their growth. I take pictures of our home remodeling to show our grandchildren someday. 

Your “why” is unique to what you desire and how you’ll use those photographs. 

Without identifying why you take pictures, your camera roll could feel a bit scattered or even empty. Have you ever finished a family trip or major event and sat down to look at the 100’s of pictures you thought you took only to realize you didn’t get a single “good” photo? I am the queen of this! A simple list of what you want to document will have a huge impact on the story you want to tell. We created a list of memories to capture for August that will guide you into telling the perfect story. 


Memories to Record in August

  • Back to School
    • Take a spine view picture of your textbooks to document the classes you are taking.
    • Skip the kids in their new school clothes on the porch, and catch them in action as they run towards you after their first day of class
  • Last Summer Activity
    • Take a picture of the last summer activity you did alone or with your family before you start a new fall routine.
  • Nightly Routine
    • Do you have a nightly routine with your kids or one of your own? Document the process or your favorite part about putting the kids to bed or what helps you fall asleep.