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My Mother

By March 3, 2021No Comments

This is my mother.

I love this photo of my mother. There is something about her innocence, her amazing hair, and her ongoing love for southern Utah that draws me to this photo. But ultimately what I love the most, is when I saw this photo I realized how “real” and human my mother is. I think children forget that sometimes, especially when we are teens, that your parents are actual human beings doing their best. Years ago, this photo helped me come to that conclusion.

Snuggled up next to my mother on the couch – mid-80’s

My mother supports with her whole heart.

She doesn’t know any other way. She wants nothing more than her children and her grandchildren (and now great-grandchildren) to be happy. It’s one of the main things she talks about. She hates chocolate, loves crackers (of any kind), used to carry Nibs in her purse at all times, and owns every style of denim shirt you can find. When we would ask her where she heard something that sounded outrageous or a new trend she wanted us to follow she would often say, “Suzy from Taboca told me.” It took me years to figure out Suzy was not one of mom’s friends. LOL

I love her because she is my mother. I lover her for everything she has done for me. I love her because I know every day she’s doing the best she knows how. And now, as a mother of four, I find myself doing the same – the best I know how.

No, mothers are far from perfect, but a mother is (by all means) The Queen Bee when it comes to their love for their hive. Which is why we decided to spoil one mother with the best Mother’s Day Surprise.

All you have to do is write 100-300 words telling us why you mother deserves the title of Queen Bee and share a photo of your beautiful mother or the two of you together. That’s it!

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