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Memory Keeping & 20 Daily Journal Questions

By July 20, 2021No Comments

Honey Bee Print is passionate about teaching our customers how to create a lifestyle of memory keeping.

A part of that lifestyle is journaling! Not only does this help with adding a description to your photos (when you get ready to create your Honey Bee photo book), but it allows you to recall the memory much quicker. The more senses you involve in recalling or learning something, the better you will be at recalling it.

It doesn’t take much to start a daily journaling habit – a pen, paper, and 10 minutes are all you really need.

Having a hard time knowing what to write?

Here are 20 Daily Journal Questions to help you get started, along with Questions to Preserve Your Photos to help you recall the most precious memories. Not all questions will be relevant for your photos or maybe some of the daily questions don’t ring true with you, that’s okay, use what you can to get that pen to paper, and JUST START writing!

20 Daily Journal Questions

  1. What are you grateful for today?
  2. What was the best moment of your day?
  3. A stress or worry you would like to let go of?
  4. Something you are excited about right now?
  5. What or who made you smile today?
  6. What did you do today that made someone else smile?
  7. Something new you tried today?
  8. Who inspired you today?
  9. Name one thing you knocked off your to-do list?
  10. What is one goal for tomorrow?
  11. How are you feeling emotionally?
  12. What song did you hear today?
  13. Who are you missing that you would like to see?
  14. What act of kindness did you do today?
  15. How are you feeling physically?
  16. Are you living in a way that reflects the person you want to be?
  17. What did you read today?
  18. What boosted your energy today?
  19. How can you make tomorrow better?
  20. Three things you love about your life and/or yourself?

Questions to Preserve Your Photos

The 4 W’s: Who, What, Where, and When

    • Who is in the photos?
    • What are you doing in the photo?
    • Where are you?
    • When was the photo taken?

Follow Your Senses: Smell, Touch, Hear, See, Taste

    • Was there a distinct smell? (at the beach, restaurant, outdoors, etc.)
    • What is around you that you felt? (sand, holding hands, water, etc.)
    • What do you remember hearing? (ocean waves, children laughing, animals, etc.)
    • What did you see? (trees, people, animals, sunset etc.)
    • What did you taste?