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Fulfilled – 2022

By January 5, 2022No Comments

Every December, there tends to be a word that starts to circle every article I read, every book, song lyrics, or tv show I am watching. It will pop off a page or screen, so obvious I can no longer ignore its echoing. This year, it has been the word FULFILLED. 

When I find “the word” that does this, I use it as my theme for the coming year. It’s similar to a New Year’s Resolution but slightly different. There is no pressure tied to the word, and I find it fitting and intertwining throughout the year in the most peculiar ways. Instead of a goal or resolution that feels a bit heavy for me, it’s something positive to focus on throughout the year.

2022, I foresee being a year of fulfillment for my little family and me. The past two years have brought some turbulence, and I have dedicated 2022 as the year we feel the most fulfilled. 

ful·filled; adjective

  1. satisfied or happy because of fully developing one’s abilities or character.

2021 brought a lot of growth and change, and I believe we all saw just how strong we could be. This year, I’m going to settle into the fulfillment of what has been accomplished, stop and smell the roses a bit more, cultivate more opportunities to feel fulfilled, and teach my children to also settle into a sense of fulfillment within themselves and everything we have been given.

This word will be displayed throughout our home to help remind us all.

Do you have a word or theme for the year?

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions?

Have you thought about taking it a step further and creating an Affirmation Calendar for the year or displaying your family’s word with a print? 

Resolutions, word of the year, or goals are much more effective when they are written down, repeated or on display for you to see on a regular basis.

Happy New Year to you all, may it be fulfilling and beautiful in every way!