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5 Family Photo Book Ideas to Make Them Even More Special

By June 28, 2021No Comments


We know your family photo books mean a lot to you – here are a few tips to make them even more special!

#1  It’s all in the words

Add descriptions to your photos – flip through your calendar to jog your memory of where and what was happening when the photo was taken. Use your journal for reminders. Instead of basic stats – expand your descriptions to emotions or silly things your kids said that day or how you felt in the moment. Not every photo needs a description – use two short sentences to describe each event or group of photos.

#2  Give each child a page to create

Get your children involved! Let them decide which photos go on their page. Allow them to pick the background color and clipart. What words do they want to share about their photos? This not only creates a very unique page in your family photo book, it also gives you a special moment to share with each of your children as you create the page together.

#3  Imperfect is beautiful

Not every photo in your photo book has to be picture-perfect. Don’t forget to include the everyday shots of how life is day in and day out. The messy rooms, photobombs, and silly faces might become your favorite page in your photo book.

#4  Include your child’s artwork

Do you have handfuls of adorable drawings from your kids or a Lego master piece you want to preserve? Take a picture of child’s artwork and include them in your family photo books.

#5  Not everything has to have order

Family photo books don’t always have to go by the year, month, or in order! If you’re doing a year-of-end family album, try our auto-fill option to randomly place your photos in your layout. Consider an entire album for each child or specific event.